January 5, 2018
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Florence Fay Senior Apartments Grand Opening

Florence Fay Senior Apartments is the renovation of an iconic 1913 Indianapolis Public School building to meet the needs of an aging neighborhood. The 45,143-sft building closed its doors in 2006, only to open again in 2017. TWG Development saw an amazing opportunity to re-imagine the historic building and repurpose it into a senior apartment facility to better the community. The adaptive re-use project developed a 65,000-sft facility with a total of 73 affordable living units (mixed between the existing historic building and new construction). Our architects, interior designers, and civil and structural engineers all collaborated on the design to create a state-of-the-art facility for those who deserve it.

The apartments proudly opened its doors to the community on December 14. Dozens of community members gathered as the ceremonial ribbon was cut to mark its grand opening. Facebook user, Joyce Godwin, posted, “Thanks for restoring this great school. I am 1 of 4 generations who attended his school. I am so proud of the improvements. Great job everyone.”

January 5, 2018
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Saluting Ten New Licensed Professionals


Within the last several weeks, ten employees have passed their professional licensing exams. This is an immense accomplishment for those involved and marks a milestone for American Structurepoint. We can’t remember a time when so many employees passed these rigorous exams in succession. Special congratulations to Gannon Grimmer, Liz Kokosinski, Chad James, Tanner McKinney, Kelsey Morton, Max Paton, Charles Prigge, Rahul Rajbhara, Max Rehlander, and Ryan Selby.

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January 5, 2018
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It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s Dennis Hutchinson!

Aviation enthusiast Dennis Hutchinson is flying high over a national magazine writing an article about his restoration of a rare experimental Davis DA-2A. Most of us have hobbies like golfing, cooking, or watching Netflix. For Dennis Hutchinson, it’s flying his Davis DA-2A Airplane. Dennis owns 1 of an estimated 75 Davis airplanes in the world.  Why is this airplane so unique? Probably because you build it yourself! This simple-to-build airplane (relatively speaking) can be built from a kit to create a fairly inexpensive airplane. The Davis airplane design has one goal: “get the most performance out of the least horsepower and the fewest bucks.” In fact, one version of the airplane used a 20-hp lawn mower engine!

Dennis bought his Davis DA-2A as a somewhat repaired, yet damaged airplane. He is the fourth owner of the plane after he bought it from a father and son who rebuilt the engine and nothing else. It took about a year and a half for Dennis to finish the rebuild and add personal touches. In July of 2016, Dennis was flying his own plane. He explains that, “the DA-2A [is] an absolute joy to fly. It is quite responsive, but not ‘twitchy’ at all. It does exactly what you tell it to instantly.”

The DA-2A is the third airplane Dennis bought. Recently, he purchased a fourth airplane and is currently remodeling it. His passion for flying started from a young age. Dennis even earned his pilot’s license before earning his driver’s license! The next time you see Dennis, ask him about his airplane. Maybe you’ll see him up in the sky!

January 5, 2018
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2018 Employee Handbook: New Employee Benefits

With a new year comes a new employee handbook and new employee benefits. The most notable new benefit helps our important working mothers! Beginning January 1, 2018, we’re offering six weeks of fully paid maternity leave, beginning on the date of the child’s birth, to full-time mothers with one or more years of service (at time of delivery). It’s a policy that was created to provide additional support for our working mothers with growing families by allowing for more paid time off for recovery upon the arrival of their newest additions.

Building on a culture of recruiting and retaining the most talented individuals in the market, the company’s new paid maternity leave policy is a reflection of our focus on providing employees with a family-friendly atmosphere and one that makes life a bit easier for our working mothers.  To apply for the new maternity leave program, please contact Human Resources.

The new handbook also addresses:

  • Non-owned vehicle policy
    • A separate policy in place to ensure employees meet certain company standards if they are frequently driving for company business. All company employees who operate non-owned vehicles must review and acknowledge receipt of this policy prior to operating a non-owned vehicle on behalf of the business.
  • Workplace accommodations
    • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAAA), if you feel that you need an accommodation in your position, please contact Human Resources.
  • Not using personal email addresses to conduct business
    • To ensure cyber security for both the company and our clients, American Structurepoint employees are prohibited from using their personal email accounts to conduct any sort of business matters or use for correspondence with clients.
  • Modifications to the authorized time off (ATO) policy
    • Maternity leave will no longer be covered under ATO, but ATO can be used to cover other employee extended illnesses. See page 16 in the Employee Handbook for more information.
  • Modifications to the harassment prevention section
    • Providing an environment free of sexual and other forms of harassment applies to the workplace as well as company-sponsored social events. These prohibitions apply not only to spoken or written words but also to email, text messages and social media posts that are about or may be seen by employees, clients, etc.

To access the entire Handbook, click here.

January 5, 2018
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Holiday Generosity

The holidays were much brighter for dozens of children and their families thanks to the generosity of employees at our Austin, Columbus, and Highland offices. Read on for the details.


Five elementary school-aged children had a fantastic holiday thanks to the American Structurepoint Austin office. Our staff shopped for presents from the students’ holiday wish lists, wrapped the gifts, and then experienced the students’ joy and excitement when the children opened the gifts at a luncheon held by the Travis Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. The chapter, of which American Structurepoint Vice President Ricardo Zamarripa is president, hosted 40 underprivileged students from Ortega Elementary School recognized for receiving top marks in academics and behavior. This is Ricardo’s fifth year sponsoring a child through the program. The Austin office sponsored five children total, with each office member sponsoring a child.


Columbus staffers hit the malls and shopped online to fulfill Christmas wish lists of 21 children ages 18 months to 15 years old submitted to the St. Vincent Family Center’s Adopt A Family program. Employees spent $100 on each child. Winter coats and other accessories to keep the kids warm were popular gifts along with toys.

The Columbus office also participated in a food drive, in cooperation with Pepper Construction. Employees donated over $300 of food to a collection box. This price was matched in a check donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.


Employees from the Highland office provided presents for 20 children served by the Lake Ridge Head Start agency in Gary, Indiana for the second time! The Head Start program promotes school readiness of children under age 5 from low-income families through education, health, social, and other services. Project Engineer Gina Sessions, the Highland employee spearheading the gift-giving spree, said the effort is growing every year. Everyone had a good time shopping for their recipients and even more fun wrapping the presents. Gina especially enjoys buying Christmas dresses for the children, while others in the office relive their childhood by buying action figures, dolls, and the trendy toys of today.

January 5, 2018
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Community Service Update

We are reflecting on all the amazing community service projects and milestones we accomplished this year. And thanks to all your support in 2017, we set a new record for community service contributions and disbursements. There’s a lot to mention, so before anyone succumbs to “too long/didn’t read,” let me say that y ’all are flat out amazing!

December wrap-up

December was, as always, wildly busy and incredibly productive in terms of community service activities. Staff turned out in droves for Raffle Mania, buying chances to win the fabulous items donated by our vendors and staff – everything from wine and cheese to concert tickets to jewelry to quality social time with executives. When the dust settled, we counted up $8,465 in ticket and food sales. After the company match, that’s a whopping $16,930!

The talented bakers among us took over the Indianapolis break room, offering cake, cookies, pie, brownies, and every other form of sugary goodness known to humanity in exchange for free will donations. That brought in another $257, also matched by the company for a total of $514.

Gifts for senior living community

We purchased 54 gifts for some residents of Spring Mill Meadows senior living community in Indianapolis. Most of these residents are wards of the state, which means the state pays for their stay and all medical expenses but not the normal necessities. Residents are given a monthly allowance of about $50 for such necessities. Gifts we purchased are normal items to us such as socks, T-shirts, pajamas, soda, gum, etc., but are necessities to them.

Record contributions and disbursements

Whether you bought one raffle mania ticket or gave through payroll deduction all year, you helped us set a new record for contributions in 2017 – we topped out just over $108,500. That was a LOT of money, and we never want to carry too much into the next year, so…we released the shoppers. Our staff have so many hidden talents beyond their professional work! All year we’ve had volunteers who prepared, delivered, and served food, presented career day information, and even helped construct houses, and we love and thank each of you for all your hard work. But our shoppers! Every year we get volunteers who do wild and crazy things with loyalty cards, coupons, and early-bird sales to bring their shopping lists in “on time and under budget.” This year was no exception, and we were able to send toys, clothing, and other gifts to children, families, and seniors in hospitals, shelters, foster care, and nursing homes across Indiana and Ohio.

To go along with our record-setting contributions, we had record-setting disbursements of over $100,000 in 2017. Last-minute projects supported by your overwhelming year-end generosity included:

  • Helping a newly widowed mother and her two sons pay medical bills and funeral expenses ($800)
  • Supporting Project Purse in its mission to provide health and hygiene items to impoverished women ($200)
  • Christmas gifts for kids at the Manna Mission Operation Outreach Ministries shelter in Martinsville, Indiana ($500)
  • Food and gifts for a grandmother, mom, and daughter ($800)
  • Teachers Treasure ($300)
  • Financial support for a missionary family from Indiana serving in the Dominican Republic with unexpected medical expenses ($800)
  • New Star Community afterschool/mentoring program for elementary school kids in Indianapolis ($500)
  • December graduation gifts for new Circles graduates ($100)
  • Joy’s House (respite care for families caring for disabled and elderly family members at home) ($500)
  • Gas cards to help veterans get to appointments at VA hospitals ($250)
  • Northwest Community High School ($500)
  • Camilla Rose Jackson education fund for a child whose mother and aunt were killed by her father ($300)
  • Women’s Center of Northwest Indiana ($250)

At home and abroad, your donations provided clean water, nutritious meals, disaster relief, mentoring, safe and affordable housing, school supplies, utility and medical bill payments, and so much more. In all the communities where we work and live, you made a big difference in the quality of our neighbors’ lives. For whatever part you played in making that happen, THANK YOU!

Got ideas for how to make 2018 even more amazing? The Community Service team wants to hear them. Email us at communityservice@structurepoint.com.

Habitat Build complete

The house that first took shape in our Indianapolis parking lot on one of the hottest days of the years was move-in ready on one of the coldest days so far this winter. Homeowner Tammy Taylor and her 19-year-old son and 8-year-old niece claimed the keys to their new home – now located on Kenwood Avenue near the Children’s Museum – on December 12. You can see photos of the house as it went from the frame you remember through construction to a completed house. You can also read this Indianapolis Star article located here about the build, which was primarily accomplished by churches, temples, and mosques from across the city. The Community Service fund will contribute a $500 housewarming gift to Tammy and her family once she’s had a chance to fully move in and know what she still needs.

January 5, 2018
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Columbus Ugly Sweater Competition

Aspiring model, Tony Lenhart, has been crowned the winner of the Columbus office’s Ugly Sweater Contest. Following the Christmas Pot Luck party, models lined up backstage to present their ugly sweaters. Tony channeled his inner sloth, inspired by the sloths on his sweater, to win the hearts of the audience. When asked about his sweater, Tony explains:

“I found it the night before the competition while making a midnight run to the store for some cooking supplies for the Christmas party potluck. There was a section of “ugly sweaters” in the store so I perused the disheveled heap of clothing until I came across this gem.  It was mixed into a pile of screen printed sweatshirts, and other tacky Christmassy-themed T-shirts. At first, I passed over it without really appreciating the awfulness of it, but I eventually was drawn back to its aura. Not only was this a traditional knit sweater, with the standard Christmas theme colors, it had gold-sparkled thread sewn inthroughout the red rows.  Granted, the sloths are not what you picture as your typical Christmas-themed animal, they did add a certain “Wow” factor that couldn’t be ignored. Plus it didn’t hurt that it was on clearance for 70-percent off the list price either.

“The Christmas sweater completion is essentially 50-percent sweater, and 50-percent swagger while walking down the runway. You really have to play the crowd to get them to appreciate your fashion statement. I had stiff competition from the reigning champion, Greyson McCaig. This guy is like a walking Macy’s Christmas display. I knew it was going to come down to the presentation. This year’s catwalk reminded me a lot of the great showdowns between Hansel and Derek Zoolander.  Fortunately for me this year, I had perfected ‘Blue Steele’ and was able to pull off the victory.”

January 5, 2018
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Healthpoint Kickoff Open House

With a new year comes healthy resolutions, so stop by the Healthpoint Kickoff Open House on January 11! The kickoff at noon in Grandview East will announce the winner of the Tour de American Structurepoint challenge, which you won’t want to miss. The kickoff will also mention Healthpoint plans for the year ahead. Don’t forget about our Corporate Wellness Program, including a gym reimbursement and a fitness tracker reimbursement. (Information about both is available on the intranet under the Healthpoint tab.) Our in-house weight management program, Your Weigh, will meet biweekly as a free weight loss management group. Contact Melanie Bucher or our Health Coach, Shelby Mandla, at smandla@ecommunity.com with any questions.

January 5, 2018
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American Structurepoint Makes Headlines

American Structurepoint projects and people landed in the news media and on the internet 14 times in December. Check out this recap:

  • Several media outlets published articles about bids being awarded for construction of IndyGo’s Red Line. We are heavily involved in this project through designing a portion of the line and in doing program management for Indianapolis DPW. Media mentions occurred in The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) Johnson County Daily Journal and San Francisco Chronicle; trade publications Construction Global.com and Mass Transit Magazine; Next City.org; WXIN Channel 59;  and WTTV Channel 4.
  • The Larry in Fishers Blog published an update about changes in design occuring in the State Road 37 project in Fishers. Our road engineers are designing the roadway to be more like Keystone Parkway in Carmel. The blog mentioned Eric Farny.
  • The Indianapolis Star gave readers an update on plans to buld an addition to the Hamilton County Government Center and Judical Center.
  • The Bloomington Herald-Times reported on plans for the IU Health Bloomington and Academic Health Center for which we are doing site/civil work. Groundbreaking is set to occur later in January.
  • The Michigan City News Dispatch reported that the city will advertise for construction bids in January for an $8.5 million project to rebuild a portion of Ohio Street. We are doing the engineering work for the project; the article also mentioned Chris Murphy.
  • The Chesterton Tribune reported American Structurepoint is one of five companies awarded a contract to design solutions for a stormwater management system rehabilitation in South Haven, Indiana.

December 12, 2017
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Fun Times Rule at Festive Holiday Party

The 2017 Holiday Party is now a memory, but what an awesome memory! The party featured a new location (the downtown Indianapolis Marriott), a new band (Toy Factory), a new cocktail hour location with awesome hors d’ouerves, and plenty of great food and dancing to enjoy. The event also featured a special reception for out-of-town employees and their guests prior to the start of the party. Another great year of door prizes was capped off when Kelly Everett (Business Development, Cincinnati) won the grand prize trip for two to Jamaica.  Plenty of photos were snapped to capture the festive activities. Please check out all the photos from the photocircle app at this link.  (T:\Communications Dept\Community\Bulletin Board\2017\2017 Holiday Party).  BONUS PHOTOS – You also can view all the group photos taken at the Tapsnap interactive photo booth at this link.

December 12, 2017
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Two American Structurepoint Projects Win ENR Midwest Awards

Two of our projects – the Lewis and Clark Bridge, East End Crossing and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway renovation – received top awards from ENR Midwest. Continue Reading →

December 12, 2017
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Jess Pounds Sees Hurricane Harvey Damage Up Close and Personal

For most Americans, scenes of horrific hurricane damage are distant summer memories. But for American Structurepoint Project Manager Jess Pounds, these scenes are his daily reality while working as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) public assistance site inspector in Texas.
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December 12, 2017
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Our Projects Score Three ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Awards

Three American Structurepoint projects are recipients of three 2018 Engineering Excellence Awards sponsored by ACEC Indiana. All award winners will be recognized at an awards program on March 15, 2018, at the Indianapolis Marriott North Hotel. Our award winners are as follows: Continue Reading →

December 12, 2017
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CEDIA Breaks Ground on New Headquarters

Check out these great photos, shot by our very own Krista Lawson, of the November 8 groundbreaking at the new CEDIA global headquarters in Fishers, Indiana. We are providing architecture and interior design, landscape architecture, structural, and civil engineering services for the project. Several Architecture Group staff attended the big event, including CEDIA project manager Rob Bray, as did staff from our design-build partner firm of Meyer Najem. The $13.7 million, 40,000-sft, 3-story headquarters should be ribbon-cutting ready in November 2018.

December 12, 2017
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Riverview Health Westfield Hospital Update

The Riverview Health Westfield Hospital is taking the majestic shape our architects designed as much construction has occurred over the last few months. The curtain wall is nearly all installed on the tower as are terra cotta panels. Limestone installation is nearly complete on both the north and south stairs of the tower and the airfoil on the roof is being framed out. The exterior finishes of the building should be completed very soon for the coming winter so that interior construction can occur in a warmer environment.

December 12, 2017
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Company Moves Upward on IBJ Environmental Firms List

Hard work by the Utility Infrastructure Group is paying off as we now rank as the eighth-largest Indianapolis-area environmental consulting firm. The Indianapolis Business Journal annual listing of environmental firms shows that we achieved $8.7 million in 2016 environmental billings. Previously, we ranked ninth on the list. Kudos to all team members who continue to contribute to growing this discipline and raising it to new heights.