Contact Marketing Services Support for Reports, Equipment Needs

Our Marketing Services Support staff provide services to any group/design center by preparing, proofing, and printing reports and documents for clients, preparing mass mailings, reserving equipment for meetings, and much more.

The Marketing Service Support staff manages approximately 200 requests monthly such as those listed below:

  • Formatting/proofing letters and reports, ensuring materials are grammatically correct and adding our letterhead
  • Mass mailings/mail merges
  • Printing and binding reports, including small half-sized booklets (For quicker printing, please ensure the document is only 8½ x 11 and/or 11 x 17.)
  • Scanning
  • Creating public hearing comment card/response letters, and invitations
  • Equipment requests for cameras, tape recorders, projectors, screens, easels, and large flipcharts for meetings
  • Board printing and mounting for public meetings, presentations, and shortlist meetings

The next time you need any of these services, send your request to [email protected]. Letters and reports can have a same-day turnaround. Multiple boards require at least a 48-hour advance notice. Larger print jobs of more than a dozen books or binders require a 24- to 48-hour turnaround.

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