Round of Applause Roll Call for April

Congratulations to the 21 employees receiving Round of Applause recognition in April. Remember, it’s as easy as 1, 2 ,3 to thank an employee for going the extra mile.

  1. Start an email to [email protected]
  2. Write a few sentences about what the person did and when.
  3. Press send, and HR does the rest!
  • Zack Baker, IT Solutions Group,
  • Patrick Beliveau, Road Group
  • Amy Bennett, Road Group
  • Evan Buechlein, Construction Solutions Group
  • Rob Chappelle, Road Group
  • Edgar Flores, Road Group
  • Nathan Horgan, Civil Engineering Group
  • Aishwarya Iyer, Traffic Engineering Group
  • Marius Kabera, Road Group
  • Luke Kessler, Planning + Economic Development Group
  • Eddie McCoy, Road Group
  • Alex Merrill, Road Group
  • Levi Michalke, Road Group
  • Melody Niquette, Marketing Services Group
  • Neel Pandya, Road Group
  • Jim Reese, Construction Solutions Group
  • Paige Story, Planning + Economic Development Group
  • Dhane Thomas, Marketing Services Group
  • Kim VanSlambrook, Marketing Services Group
  • Vishwas Jena, Construction Solutions Group
  • Hope Williamson, Road Group

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