Employee Adopts Kitten from Cuddle Puddle Event

Brianna Phillips with Panther

Sourcing/Recruiting Specialist Brianna Phillips had no thoughts of adopting a kitten when she attended last month’s Cuddle Puddle event at the Indianapolis design center. But as the 1960s R&B song says, “Just One Look” and a snuggle from Panther was all it took for Brianna to change her mind.

Cuddle Puddle featured staff from the Indianapolis Humane Society visiting the design center with three dogs and cats during lunch on April 14. Employees could hold and cuddle with the pets as a mid-day stress reliever. Brianna picks up the story from there.

“One of the volunteers handed (Panther) to me to hold, and he just melted my heart. He was the biggest snuggler, and he had the prettiest blue eyes,” Brianna says. “He kept wanting to nuzzle under my chin and gave me the cutest kisses. We became so comfortable with each other.”

We’re so glad Panther melted Brianna’s heart and now has his forever home.

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