Don Corson Completes Boston Marathon

Don Corson with his medal on Boston Common

Senior Project Manager and avid runner Don Corson recently fulfilled a life-long dream: competing and finishing the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon, unlike many other marathons, requires qualifying time standards to enter. Don met the qualifying standard for his age group by running the November 2021 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon with a time of 3:43:08. With a carpe-diem attitude, Don submitted his entry and learned in early December he was accepted to run.

Don set two goals for himself: 1) to finish the race and 2) to break a four-hour time. He put in 400 miles of training, running five days a week, including two hours on Saturday and three to four hours every Sunday to prepare for the April 18 event. Don says he was on a good pace through 20 miles, then disaster struck.

“Unfortunately, just after the end of “Heartbreak Hill” at mile 21, I developed severe cramping in both legs that totally derailed me,” Don says. “Thankfully, I was near a medical tent, and the staff were able to stretch, massage, and “icy-hot” me back onto my feet so I could continue. By then, my legs were a train wreck, but I was able to hobble my way through the last 5 miles, finishing in 4:20:34. My finishing time was a disappointment, but I can honestly say I left everything I had out there on the course.”

Don thanks his wife, Katie, for reworking schedules so that he could put in all the training hours leading up to the marathon. He also is thankful for the support from spectators lining the marathon route. “The amount of encouragement I personally received along the route, especially when I was struggling to get to the finish line, was incredible. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Way to go, Don! Here’s wishing you more good finishes as you compete in this year’s Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis and possibly compete in this year’s Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon.

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