Walid Gemayel Advises Ohio Communities

Count published author among the many talents of Senior Vice President, Partner, and Executive in charge of Ohio Walid Gemayel. He wrote a membership insight column for the Columbus Chamber of Commerce advising Ohio communities how to prepare for possible future federal infrastructure stimulus funds.

Walid points out that the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) currently grades the nation’s roads, bridges, water systems, and other critical infrastructure with “an abysmal D+.” He also says that multiple public- and private-sector associations have urged Congress to provide emergency aid to states and local communities to meet critical infrastructure needs. Walid suggests communities review, update, or develop the following planning documents to be prepared if and when additional stimulus help emerges:

  • Capital improvement plans
  • Long-range transportation plans
  • Long-term control plans
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Asset management plans.

He concludes the column with this guidance. “These small upfront investments in planning and design will ensure that their communities are best positioned for potential future infrastructure funding and construction.” You can read the entire article at this link.

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