Fort Wayne Kicks Off State Boulevard Reconstruction Phase II

From left to right: Brad Whitehead, Scott Crites, Fort Wayne City Engineer Patrick Zaharako, Fort Wayne Public Works Director Shan Gunawardena, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, Matt Bobay, Adam Urschel, Bryan Hood, Scott Randle, and Samantha Sutter.

Years of traffic tie-ups along one of Fort Wayne’s busiest streets are about to become history thanks to the State Boulevard Reconstruction Project now entering Phase II. We are providing construction inspection services for Phase II that involves reconstructing and realigning State Street between Cass and Clinton streets, replacing a 90-year-old roadway bridge, building a new pedestrian bridge over State Street, ornamental street lighting, new crosswalks and sidewalks, and landscaped green space.  Phase I began in April 2018. Phase II will complete sometime in 2020.

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