Walid Gemayel, Mike McBride Join Ownership

We are very pleased to announce that Walid Gemayel and Mike McBride have been invited into ownership of American Structurepoint.

Walid is a senior vice president and the leader of our Ohio operation. He joined our firm after an extensive career with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the GPD Group. He has an extensive client network and is well respected by his peers. Walid has adopted an ambitious goal of tripling Ohio revenues by 206, and we are already well on the way because Ohio backlog has doubled since his arrival and all Ohio disciplines have realized sales growth due to Walid’s efforts.

Mike is our vice president of Indiana sales. Mike is responsible for executive leadership, development, and growth of our Indiana public sales operation – and grow it he has – annual sales have increased by 50 percent since his arrival. His executive management ability, combined with his knowledge of how to conceptualize a project and develop a sound sales strategy, will continue to propel our company forward. Please go out of your way to congratulate these fine executives as they continue to do great things for our organization.

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