10th Annual SGA Masters Tournament Results

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(Left to right) Last year’s winner (Dan Weekes) congratulations Adam Hunley on his win and passes over the coveted green sweater; Dan McCloskey, Derrek Day, and Mike Maurovich set up their shots

By Jessica Howard, Marketing Communications Group  >  Anticipating winning the coveted green sweater, golfers recently gathered and competed in the 2013 American Structurepoint Masters Golf Tournament, which took place April 8-12. The 10th annual event brought the American Structurepoint Golf Association (SGA) out in full force to execute this fun-filled event. The experienced SGA Board of Directors included Vice President Jack “Nicklaus” Lashenik, Scott “Greenskeeper” Sumner (CI), Ben “Hogan” Braun (Human Resources), and Dave “Hole-In-Ten” Lancet (CI), as well as Vice President Mak “Hootie” Knowles.

While players were eliminated one by one, the fourth and final round was played at the SGA North Course (aka North Patio). The cooler spring weather didn’t stop these avid competitors. Each player got the opportunity at ten attempts at an approximately 20-yard chip shot, and the cool 40-degree winds were at their backs the entire time.

In the end, victory was awarded to Adam Hunley (Marketing Communications) for winning the overall competition with a final score of -29. In addition to earning the popular sought-after green sweater, Hunley also won a $75 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card. “The tournament is always a good time, especially winning the green jacket this year,” Adam said, “but what I enjoy is just breaking away from a hectic day for a few minutes to have some fun with my colleagues.”

With a final score of -28, second place went to Drew Walker (Civil), and Steve Hanscom (Architecture) came in third with an overall score of -20. John Nail (Transportation) earned the Rookie of the Year title, and for his efforts, he received a $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card.

A big thank you goes out to “Uncle Dave” Lancet (CI) for battling this year’s colder weather and grilling like a champ for our first Backyard Barbeque of the year. A thank you also goes out to our SGA Board of Directors for making the 10th Annual American Structurepoint Masters a fun activity for all of those involved.

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