Round of Applause Roll Call For June

Here’s a salute to the 17 employees receiving Round of Applause recognition in June. Remember, it’s as easy as 1,2,3 to thank an employee for going the extra mile.

  1. Start an email to
  2. Write a few sentences about what the person did and when.
  3. Press send, and HR does the rest!
  • Jacob Arnold, Construction Solutions Group
  • Jamie Baehl, Construction Solutions Group
  • Zack Baker (2), IT Solutions Group
  • Melanie Bucher, Human Resources Group
  • Hannah Burry, Marketing Services Group
  • Philip Carrow, Construction Solutions Group
  • Maddie Conover, Utility Infrastructure Group
  • Madison Deniston, Human Resources Group
  • Nakayla Krahn, Environmental Services Group
  • Sara Krock, Marketing Services Group
  • Sarah Marchisin, Marketing Services Group
  • Melody Niquette (2), Marketing Services Group
  • Bruin Ramsdell, Road Group
  • Michael Roche, Civil Engineering Group
  • Jim Reese, Construction Solutions Group
  • Jared Stanek, Construction Solutions Group
  • Kaitlynn Walker, Environmental Services Group

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