Employees Attend Gender Inclusion Training Program

American Structurepoint employees attended Women & Hi Tech’s OperationALL – Lead Like an Ally event. They participated in a training program focused on providing tools for increasing gender inclusion in the workplace called OperationALL. OperationALL is an annual professional development seminar uniquely tailored for members, male allies, friends, and supporters of Women & Hi Tech to focus on individuals having equal opportunities for promotion and advancement while working in STEM fields. The interactive program was facilitated by local and highly acclaimed leadership trainer, executive coach, and frequent keynote speaker, Julie Kratz.

Impactful takeaways from the event include:

  • Talk Tracks with suggestions on how to respond/approach certain situations to be a better ally.
  • Specific ways males can be allies and support gender equality in the workplace including being a mentor/sponsor to a woman in the workplace vs. another male they “see themselves in,” as well as speaking up when they hear or see something in a meeting that doesn’t foster inclusion.
  • Men and women both bring unique values to the workplace, and we are better when we are equally working together to achieve company goals and objectives.

Event attendees included: Ben Braun, David Mohler, Jack Lashenik, Matt Moore, Catherine Pallotta, Luke Nisley, Meagan Perratore, Melanie Bucher, Kaitlyn Bilodeau, Carrie Sermersheim, Kayla Martisek, Steve Davidson, Karen Saavaedra, Jerica Barlow, and Kate Oliver.

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