Saluting Ten New Licensed Professionals


Within the last several weeks, ten employees have passed their professional licensing exams. This is an immense accomplishment for those involved and marks a milestone for American Structurepoint. We can’t remember a time when so many employees passed these rigorous exams in succession. Special congratulations to Gannon Grimmer, Liz Kokosinski, Chad James, Tanner McKinney, Kelsey Morton, Max Paton, Charles Prigge, Rahul Rajbhara, Max Rehlander, and Ryan Selby.

We asked these ten individuals “How has your work at American Structurepoint helped you in preparing for the licensing exam and/or increasing your expertise?” Everyone explains that working at American Structurepoint has been vital to passing their exams. Max Paton went so far as to say, “I definitely would not have been able to pass the exam without the experience I have working at American Structurepoint.”

Here’s what everyone else has to say about preparing for their exam.

  1. Ryan Selby, Survey – As a surveyor at American Structurepoint, I was able to see many different types of surveying and work with many different surveyors.  This experience allowed me to draw a wealth of knowledge from many different sources.
  2. Tanner McKinney, Road – My work at American Structurepoint helped me in terms of real-life knowledge that I could apply during the exam. I felt very comfortable.
  3. Rahul Rajbhara, Road – American Structurepoint provided exposure to a diverse set of projects in my field of practice, collaborative team work on interdisciplinary projects providing insight into other disciplines, and mentorship/guidance from senior engineers and managers.
  4. Charles Prigge, Investigative – Working on such a wide array of projects and learning from so many experienced engineers within the company helped a tremendous amount. Even in conversation with coworkers about various projects, there were several occasions where I learned something that directly helped me answer questions on the exam.
  5. Kelsey Morton, Road – At American Structurepoint, I have had the opportunity to touch most, if not all, aspects of designing a road. Many of the questions covered things I do daily, so I knew exactly what reference book or equation to use, and I was confident in the process.
  6. Chad James, Civil – When I started working for American Structurepoint, I had to the opportunity to work with the Utility Infrastructure Group for about four months. During this time, I was able to gain “real-world” experience with wastewater treatment plants, water main design, and sanitary sewer main design, all of which are topics on the PE test.
  7. Gannon Grimmer, Road – As a traffic engineer, I work on a wide variety of projects that require me to use many of the resources that are needed for the exam. This familiarity allowed me to answer quite a few problems more efficiently than if I did not have the experiences provided by American Structurepoint.
  8. Max Rehlander, Road – Working at American Structurepoint, I have had to learn/study the Indiana Design Manual, AASHTO Green Book, and Roadside Safety Design Manual (among others). These were often referenced on the exam, and therefore I knew quickly how to tackle problems and look up values in tables.
  9. Max Paton, Civil Engineering – There were numerous stormwater questions on the exam that were very similar to issues I deal with every day. If I hadn’t been able to easily move through those questions and on to more challenging questions, the end result may have been different.
  10. Liz Kokosinski, Bridge – I have thankfully been exposed to several different areas besides just structural concepts – for example, transportation engineering. Because of this, I feel like I had a familiarity with some of the items in this and some other subjects.

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