Thirst Project Visit – See Our Newest Well Too!

Seth Maxwell, a 29-year-old Hoosier native now CEO of the world’s largest youth water organization, visited American Structurepoint’s Indianapolis office October 12 to share updates about the Thirst Project. This nonprofit works to build freshwater wells in developing countries. Polluted water sources contribute heavily to spreading disease and infections, so these wells are crucial in fighting serious illnesses and early deaths. Seth also shared a new video of another well that we funded. This well is in the village of Ondiyaneni in Swaziland.

Here are five quick facts about Seth’s visit you need to know.

  1. In its nine years of existence, Thirst Project has raised $8.8 million to complete 2,217 projects in 13 countries, building wells that serve 330,863 people.
  2. Seth says about 74 percent of Swaziland residents have access to safe, clean drinking water – the organization wants to ensure that safe, clean water is available to the entire country (population 1.3 million) by 2022.
  3. Because clean water is so important, once a Thirst Project well opens, villages see an 88-percent drop in the disease rate and a 90-percent drop in the child mortality rate.
  4. American Structurepoint has donated $73,000 to Thirst Project, which translates into six wells that now deliver clean water to communities.
  5. Seth truly appreciates our strong support of Thirst Project. “American Structurepoint has been a good friend to us for six years,” Seth said. “Thank you for who you are and all you do.”

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