Civil and Structural Group Promotions Point Toward Bright Future

It is with great pleasure that we announce the following promotions within the Civil Group:

Gene Beiermann is being promoted to project manager. Gene is a 2009 graduate of Purdue. He joined American Structurepoint as a design engineer in 2013 after spending some time in Tennessee on the construction side of our business. Gene is a very dedicated and driven individual. This showed in his willingness to research and learn specific programs that we use prior to his first day of work. Gene has been a great mentor to our younger staff and has taken on the responsibility for the CVS account as well as Chatham Hills.

Tyler Comstock is being promoted to senior project engineer. Tyler is a 2011 graduate of Purdue University. He joined American Structurepoint as a design engineer in 2013. Tyler has shown a great ability to not only excel technically, but to also mentor our newer staff and take the time to teach them about site design. Tyler is a solid engineer and he is engaged in some very complex projects for the site group. Among his notable accomplishments are Olivia on Main, BlueSky headquarters, and currently IU Health Bloomington.

Nick Everhart is being promoted to project manager. Nick is a 2012 graduate of Purdue University. He joined American Structurepoint as a design engineer in 2013. Nick is very dedicated to his work, ensuring the client’s needs are met and that they have a pleasurable experience working with us. Nick has been involved in a wide variety of projects and has taken on management duties for key clients such as IDI and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Dustin Foster is being promoted to project manager. Dustin is a 2003 graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He joined American Structurepoint as a project engineer in 2015 after working in Virginia. Dustin has worked hard to familiarize himself with the process of development in Indiana and has become a valuable resource for the group. In addition to handling civil/site projects, Dustin is also assisting the Transportation Groups with the I-66 project because of his knowledge of Virginia design and process.

Jared Wilkerson is being promoted to senior project engineer. Jared is a 2007 graduate of the University of Evansville. Jared also obtained his master’s degree from Purdue University in 2009. He joined American Structurepoint as a project engineer in 2013 and is the civil group’s hydrology and hydraulics modeling expert. He is the lead on all of our waterway permitting efforts. Some of his bigger H&H projects to date have been Chatham Hills and 16 Tech.

Nathan Winslow is being promoted to project manager. Nathan is a 2006 graduate of Purdue University. He joined American Structurepoint as a senior project engineer in 2015 after spending a few years working in Illinois. After working to get himself acquainted with the process of private sector development in Indiana, he quickly became a trusted member of the staff. Nathan will be managing one of our larger civil projects this year in Greenwood Town Center.

We are excited to announce the following promotions within the Structural Group:

Jared Plank is being promoted to team leader.  Since joining American Structurepoint in 2011, Jared has continually focused on improving the overall proficiency and market potential of the Structural Group.  Through his initiative and leadership, he has developed our capabilities in post-tensioned concrete building design literally from zero to our current position as a strong competitor in the marketplace, as evidenced by the recently completed 11-story Lux on Capitol Apartments project in downtown Indianapolis. In addition, Jared revived our capabilities in parking structure design and has designed and managed more than a dozen parking structure projects including the award-winning Cummins Parking Garage in Columbus and the soon-to-be-completed Park East Garage in the Carmel Arts District. He has also dramatically improved our ability to compete for, and efficiently produce, significant multi-story hotel and multi-family building projects, historically an extremely challenging market sector. In his role as team leader, Jared will focus on managing high-profile structural projects such as IU Health Bloomington Academic Health Campus, mentoring project managers and engineers, continuing to pursue parking and multi-story project opportunities, and growing the Structural Group’s production capabilities and client base. Jared’s leadership will be essential to the continued upward trajectory of American Structurepoint in delivering building design services.

Brad Curts is being promoted to the position of project manager and will also function as the Structural Group BIM manager. Since joining American Structurepoint immediately after graduation from Purdue in 2011, Brad has unceasingly demonstrated a diligence and work ethic that is laser-focused on improving his structural engineering abilities and positioning himself to be an impact player on projects.  Over the years, Brad has continually sought increasing responsibilities. Through hard work and a demonstrated sense of ownership, he has shown the ability to successfully tackle new challenges. He has been a key performer on some of our most significant projects including Lawrenceburg Event Center, Yulman (Tulane) Stadium, Lux on Capitol Apartments, and Embassy Suites hotels in Plainfield and Noblesville.  He has also been a primary designer for more than half a dozen parking structure projects, including Park East in Carmel. Brad has also become highly skilled in building information modeling (BIM) and is our de facto leader in coordinating BIM practices and standards for the Structural Group.  In addition, he has of his own initiative taken on the role of training other engineers in both BIM and structural design. Brad’s sense of ownership of his responsibilities, his commitment to producing exceptional work, and his ability to mentor others will make him an exceptional project manager.

Ben Wagner is being promoted to the position of project manager. In his short tenure at American Structurepoint (starting in November 2016), Ben’s catch phrase has consistently been, “How can I help?”  Having come to us with eight years of diverse experience including design and management of structural projects, Ben has from the very start sought ways to maximize his contributions to the Structural Group.  In short order he has taken on increasing levels of responsibility and leadership on projects and now manages projects from proposal preparation through completion of construction. He is also emerging as a mentor to other engineers.  His work ethic and can-do attitude have already made a very positive impact. Ben has also brought a new practice specialization to our firm, structural steel connection design, and has leveraged relationships with prior clients to provide new project opportunities.  He has a keen insight into the competitiveness of that market and is working on ways to make both ourselves and our clients more efficient. He has begun training others in the group to help him produce the work more profitably. In conjunction with this effort, he has developed internal design tools that will help us deliver our projects more efficiently and improve the quality of our construction documents. Ben’s understanding of the business aspect as well as the technical side of structural engineering make him well-suited to being a great project manager.

All of these gentlemen are solid managers and engineers, and these strategic moves are key to the continued growth of our civil team, structural team, and our company. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication and congratulations on your promotions!

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