Jacob Hoffman Cracks the Surveying Code Beyond Rule 12

Land Surveying Project Manager Jacob Hoffman has been on a code-cracking mission lately, looking for lesser-known portions of Indiana Administrative Code that pertain to surveying. He will share his findings with his colleagues on January 19 during an hour-long session entitled “Beyond Rule 12: A Discussion on Select Indiana Survey Codes” at the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors (ISPLS) 65th annual convention. Rule 12 lists the minimum surveying standards for Indiana land surveyors. Jacob’s presentation will cover other Indiana regulations that involve surveying. He consulted well-known Indiana survey expert Gary Kent to find the top areas to highlight in his presentation, such as railroad access, water property rights, and property law. For example, most people believe that it’s illegal to walk on or near railroad tracks. Jacob discovered that Indiana Code allows professional surveyors railroad access when doing survey work.  Presentation attendees will learn more surveying secrets and have a collection of Indiana Code they can use as a reference when on the job. Here’s wishing Jacob much success at ISPLS!

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