President’s Corner

May and June stand as one of my favorite times of year here because that’s when our interns join the American Structurepoint team. I love seeing interns arrive and thrive at our company. This year we have one of our biggest groups ever – 34 interns in all, 30 working in Indianapolis and 4 in Ohio. This stellar group of students represent 14 different universities and 4 high schools. You can find them at our offices or in the field working in these areas – Accounting, Architecture, Civil, Communications, Environmental, Inspection, Investigative, IT, Planning, Road, Structural, Survey, Utility Infrastructure, Ohio Environmental, Ohio Inspection, and Ohio Transportation.

Our intern program is extremely valuable in multiple ways. New blood creates vitality for an organization. Beyond interns gaining real-world work experience while serving our groups well, the program carries even more value for us as an ongoing way to build our bench strength. I also hope that many of our interns will tell their friends how great American Structure is to work for, which will help us find strong college graduates to apply here and join us full time.

It’s no secret that many interns become full-time employees upon graduation – including me! We believe as many as 50 former and current employees started out as American Structurepoint interns.

For me, working here as an intern made my education much more meaningful because I understood so much better what I would be doing with my education. My experience gave me a much better feel for what these people really do all day.

I also am looking forward to the Annual Intern Day, set for Thursday, July 14. We’ll begin at the Indianapolis office with breakfast and later go to St. Mary’s Child Center for a community service project. We’ll move to Harbour Trees Golf Club in Noblesville for a panel luncheon where our interns can hear from our executives and executives from some top clients about careers, life, and paths to success. We’ll conclude with an optional 9 holes of golf, although I certainly hope everyone will pick up a club and play.

So please take the time to seek out the interns in your areas and let them know we’re glad they are here. And you just never know, that intern may become your co-worker or even company president one day!

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