Janus Thanks American Structurepoint

Janus Developmental Services of Hamilton County showed its strong appreciation of American Structurepoint’s community service contributions by recognizing both President Rick Conner and General Practice Group Lead Mike Hoopingarner in its most recent newsletter.

Janus CEO Christina Sorensen publically thanked both Rick and Mike for their help in developing the organization’s master plan to maintain and update its Noblesville headquarters. She also recognizes Rick for being the driving force to establish Janus’s Building Committee that he continues to serve on, planning for future growth.  Mike advises Janus on several fronts. Janus provides individuals with disabilities with opportunities for employment training, secure jobs, learn life skills, and ways to participate and thrive in their community.  “The support and heart that Rick and Mike bring to Janus leaves me thankful and grateful beyond belief,” Sorensen says in the newsletter. You can read the entire article here.

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