2013 National Bike Challenge



Healthpoint is pleased to announce that American Structurepoint has signed up for the 2013 National Bike Challenge! The Challenge started May 1 and runs through September 30.

Join the Challenge at www.nationalbikechallenge.org. Click the “Join” button and become a new user, or join via your Facebook profile. You now have the chance to list your workplace. Make sure to write it in exactly as American Structurepoint, Inc., so that you will be counted with us!

To learn more about the Challenge, visit www.nationalbikechallenge.org.

The Challenge has many great prizes, and each month prizes will be given away to reward Challenge participants. The more you bike, the better your chance of winning (and the better the prizes) will be! Click here to view the prize list.

Also, don’t forget, the Indianapolis office now has a bike rack for employee use.  It is located east of the 7260 building.  Take advantage of the bike rack and the shower facilities and ride your bike to work!

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