PhotoCircle App Offers Fun Pics

Amy Anderson’s (Accounting Group, Indianapolis Design Center) 6-year-old cat, Lollie, finds Zoom meetings tiring, even when Rick is talking!

If you haven’t joined or shared photos to the 2020 – Adapting To Change group on PhotoCircle, you are really missing out. This is the place where you can post photos of your at-home workspace, your new co-workers, furry friends or otherwise, and pictures of virtual happy hours.

Now more than ever we want to capture our staff members working and their new environments. We want to see what unusual conditions staff are working under and the innovative ways we are overcoming new challenges! Whether via Zoom, in the office, or on a project site, we’re asking you to help us document every step of the way!

So join the Circle now:

Then get ready to smile at the awesome pictures. Maybe these photos will convince you to join.

Valerie Klingman’s (Transportation Group, Columbus Design Center) 11-year-old basset hound Cappy strikes a pose in the home office.

The Utility Infrastructure Group hosted a Zoom happy hour.

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