Second Annual Laps & Lagers Races to Success

Racing, beer, food, and giving were the themes for American Structurepoint’s second annual Laps & Lagers event. The Indianapolis design center parking lot was transformed into a course fit for adult-sized tricycle racing. Derrek Day (Indianapolis Bridge team) took first place on the podium with a time of 25.86 seconds. Luke Kahren (Indianapolis, Business Development) followed behind in a close second with a time of 26.19 seconds. Miles Demerly (Indianapolis Road team) took third place to solidify the top three finishers. Race winners received a donation to the charity of their choice. Gleaners Food Bank received a $300 donation from the combined winnings of first place Derrek Day and third place Miles Demerly. Gigi’s Playhouse Indy received $150 at the direction of second-place winner Luke Kahren.

Thanks to our Community Service and Healthpoint committees for sponsoring this event! Additional photos from the event can be viewed in the Communications Dept. folder on the T drive (\Community\Bulletin Board\2019\2019 Laps and Lagers).

Top Five Finishers

  1. Derrek Day: 25.86
  2. Luke Kahren: 26.19
  3. Miles Demerly: 26.49
  4. Mike McBride: 27.50
  5. Michelle Self: 28.62

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