Recycling Program Returns to Indianapolis Design Center

The Indianapolis design center introduced a new recycling program that began, September 11. Included below are all the details you need to know to make sure your recyclable items get processed properly.

What can and cannot be recycled?

  • Can: paper, cardboard, metal cans, plastics #1 thru #7 paper food containers
  • Can’t: plastic bags, foam products, construction debris, electronics, plastic food wrappers
  • See infographic for more details

Recycling Tote Location:

  • Second Floor:  Near the freight elevator and in the proposal prep area
  • Third Floor:  In the plot room and in the hallway just outside the plot room
  • Fourth Floor:  Near the freight elevator


  • Cleaning service staff will set the totes outside on Wednesday evening and bring them inside on Thursday.
  • Cleaning service staff will empty the second- and third-floor individual blue recycling trash cans on Monday evening. The fourth-floor individual blue recycling trash cans will be emptied on Tuesday evening. You’re welcome to empty your own blue recycling trash can into the green totes periodically if needed.
  • Ray’s Trash will empty the totes every Thursday.

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