Company Joins Indiana Transportation Team

American Structurepoint is a proud member of the Indiana Transportation Team. The industrywide initiative includes consulting firms, construction contractors, and INDOT partnering to improve working relationships leading to delivering the best highways possible. Cash Canfield and Greg Henneke were among over 75 transportation industry leaders attending the kickoff session and who signed the team’s charter. Cash also serves on the Indiana Transportation Team Steering Committee for INDOT’s LaPorte District. All INDOT districts have formed steering committees that will work to seek quick wins, medium-term, and longer-term solutions all designed to improve working relationships among consulting firms, contractors, and INDOT.

“The Indiana Transportation Team’s core values are cooperation, collaboration, open and honest communication, and trust to provide the safest, highest-quality and best-maintained transportation network in the country,” Cash says. “I encourage each staff member to do his or her part to make the Indiana Transportation Team a success and better serve INDOT, which is our company’s biggest client.”

All of our Transportation Division employees will be hearing from Cash personally to learn more details about the initiative. Marketing Communications also is doing its part by adding the Indiana Transportation Team logo and message to all INDOT proposals.

Cash Canfield (center) signs the Indiana Transportation Team charter

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