New Resources Added to Pinnacle

Pinnacle, American Structurepoint’s learning and productivity platform, has new material available for you. Here are some of the latest documents, videos, and learning paths that you will now be able to access through Pinnacle: Note: to view these materials, you must be signed in to Pinnacle.

New Documents

  • Updated Wellness/Fitness Guide (to reflect the 9025 River Road fitness center option) Employer-Sponsored Wellness/Fitness Program Employers Sponsored Wellness/Fitness Guide
  • Finalized Etiquette Guidelines for 9025 Staff 9025 Etiquette Guidelines
  • What to do for Fee Proposals and Scope/Fee Approval Contract Templates – Everything, Including Fee Proposals, Should be Reviewed
  • For Supervisors: Coaching: How to Engage and Motivate Your Staff

New Videos

  • Community Service Video that Gives Overview of Eligible Categories

Community Service: Introduction Video

  • Plotter Training: Adding Custom Page Size Instructions

HP Page Wide XL Support Videos

New Learning Paths

  • What’s new in Autodesk 2020 products (AutoCAD 2020, Civil 3D 2020, Revit 2020)

What’s New in Autodesk 2020 Products

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