Luke Nisley Becomes American Structurepoint’s First trueU Graduate

Luke Nisley, Structural Group leader, is American Structurepoint’s first graduate from the Leaders in Training (LIT) program through our partnership with trueU. The trueU LIT program is an intensive and immersive in-person classroom and experiential learning program that helps individuals develop the fundamental skills and abilities that every leader needs. The program includes a trueU service project as well as a capstone team project.

Not only did Luke successfully complete the program, but his classmates chose him to deliver the graduation speech. He closed out the graduation ceremony and received a standing ovation! Luke shared his sincere gratitude for the program and emphasized its ability to be transformative at any stage in a leadership journey.

“Some of us are already in leadership roles, some of us are just entering them, and for some of us, it’s something that’s just on the horizon. That doesn’t matter. It’s the transformation that matters,” says Luke. “LIT has offered us an incredible opportunity to be transformed. This transformation is a choice and it’s left up to us to choose whether or not to be transformed.”

Luke’s entire graduation speech can be viewed here.

Now that we have seen Luke’s successes in piloting the program, the company’s intent is to continue to send three to four leaders or upcoming leaders through this program each year. Catherine Pallotta, from the Utility Infrastructure Group, is currently participating in the program and Sam Ponder, from the IT Group, started on July 31. We hope to continue highlighting success stories as each employee completes their graduation.

The program has a time requirement and dedication component. The meetings occur on two back-to-back days each month during a six-month period. The course includes project work and additional reading outside of the class time. It is to our company’s advantage that additional travel is not required, as the trueU meeting space is down the street from our new 9025 Indy office location. A variety of leadership topics are covered in the program including: communication and conflict, building trust, courageous conversations, situational leadership, presentation skills, and strategic thinking.

Luke embraced the opportunity to engage in the program and with fellow leaders. Although there is a time commitment involved, he was encouraged by the company’s support and the resulting benefits. His dedication to the program revealed an entirely new set of skills and knowledge that will propel his leadership capabilities to the next level.

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