Engaging Interns in Real-World Projects

American Structurepoint recently hosted a group of our interns and young engineers as well as interns from Citizens Energy Group for a real-world learning opportunity. David Mohler and Mike Miller with Citizens Energy Group toured the group through the DigIndy Tunnel System and 16Tech project sites.  As a part of this tour, the group was able to be lowered 250 feet below ground to see the construction of the DigIndy Tunnel.  In addition, they toured the 16Tech construction site, led by Webb Bernhardt, to see firsthand active construction of new roads, buildings, and large drinking water transmission lines.

As a partner with Citizens Energy Group for their Partnership for Excellence in Research and Learning (PERL) initiative, American Structurepoint strives to develop young local professionals. PERL is a partnership with Citizens Energy Group, universities, and industry leaders that is designed to foster greater student engagement through collaboration on projects. The program seeks to encourage graduating students to remain in Indiana and the Indianapolis area after graduation. By engaging young engineers in practical, professional development opportunities, we are cultivating an environment in which emerging and future business leaders can thrive.

American Structurepoint interns in the photos include: Spencer Oldfield, Lillian Schmidt, Anna Belovic, Jesse Hoffman, Cole Stevenson, John Judge

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