Community Service in Other Places

A volunteer-based renovation of the Fort La Play Porte playground in LaPorte, Indiana, recently wrapped construction. Over 19 years ago, LaPorte residents united to build the playground known as Fort La Play Porte. Since that time, the playground has been a popular park amenity for the entire community. Similar to the original construction of the park, the 2019 renovation has been a community-based effort and completely constructed by volunteers. One of our very own, Greg Konieczny of the Construction Solutions Group has been involved with the construction of the playground throughout the duration of the project.

Updating the playground meant an update in the safety standards. Long gone are the days of rusty jungle gyms that might have required a tetanus shot after each visit and merry-go-rounds that spun so fast you almost qualified as a NASA astronaut. Greg and the volunteers had to assimilate to the new standards for materials, and equipment assembly was a learning curve for most volunteers. Modifying the structures that stood from the original build also added to the challenge.

The project had its fair share of delays. With the exception of snow, the scheduled build week included almost all variations of Indiana weather. Trudging through mud and puddles of water slowed down production and deterred most volunteers from coming out. After hundreds of volunteer hours, Fort La Play Porte opened to the public on Saturday, July 20. Great job to Greg and all of the volunteers who braved the summer heat to help this project come to life!

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