Employees, Clients Discover How to Take the Lead

Keynote speaker Alicia Schulhof

Over 100 American Structurepoint clients and staff enjoyed an evening of networking and leadership coaching at the “Take The Lead” event June 12. Our PointUP organization hosted the evening at the Phoenix Theatre in downtown Indianapolis. Keynote speaker Alicia Schulhof, FACHE, president of the North Suburban Area Hospitals for Indiana University Health, shared techniques for conquering barriers and getting out of your comfort zone to become a workplace leader regardless of your current position.

Alicia suggested creating your own “kitchen cabinet,” your personal board of directors to guide and mentor you. These are people you trust and rely on who can give you meaningful input and advice when you want to grow and spread your wings in your career and life.

She also shared eight steps that anyone can use to overcome barriers and optimize your personal and professional potential. Here they are.

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Who can help you solve the problem (AKA your kitchen cabinet)
  3. Identify metrics of success.
  4. Do a gap analysis
  5. Develop solutions
  6. Experiment and practice your new skills
  7. Measure your results.
  8. Reflect on what happened to discover lessons learned.

Alicia then challenged everyone to define your “why,” your reason for getting up in the morning. Finding your why is another term for finding your purpose. Once you do that, Alicia says you can focus on those things that matter most to you. Most important, you must remember to be authentic in the person you are.

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