Youths, Adults Can Take Flight With Dennis Hutchinson

If you’ve ever wanted your children or young relatives to take a ride in an experimental plane, here’s your chance! Our very own Dennis Hutchinson oversees the Young Eagles program of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Through this program and Dennis’ own generosity, Dennis will take a youngster age 8 to 17 for a free plane ride of about 30 minutes in his rare Davis DA-2A airplane. Each participant’s parent or guardian must sign a waiver form, and the requirement is the child must be less than 6 foot and weigh less than 170 pounds. Dennis says he will take adults up for a flight as well. If you are over 6 foot or weight more than 170 pounds, Dennis will work to find you another pilot with a bigger plane to take you for a ride. Because this is not an American Structurepoint activity, please contact Dennis directly if you are interested.

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