Roundabout Driving 101 in Blue Ash

Drone shot of the roundabout course we helped the City of Blue Ash set up

Citizens of Blue Ash, Ohio have a lot to learn when it comes to navigating roundabouts. Luckily, we are the roundabout experts, and our transportation team stepped up to help the town set up a hands-on, or shall we say, pedal to the metal roundabout course. We are designing four roundabouts that will be built in the Cincinnati suburb over the next few years. One of those roundabouts will be the subject of a June 18 public hearing. In advance of the hearing, the city set up a simulated roundabout that people could motor through in golf carts. We gave them the layout of the roundabout to paint onto the pavement at the old airport property now known as Summit Park. Blue Ash residents can drive on the roundabout course throughout the summer at upcoming events at the park. You can watch a video of Blue Ash Public Works Director Gordon Perry driving a golf cart through the simulated roundabout at this link.

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