Pinnacle Portal Rolls Out Companywide

Human Resources and IT Solutions successfully rolled out the Pinnacle online knowledge and training portal companywide May 13. The Pinnacle Team of Mike Steffy and Melanie Bucher hosted 10 in-person demonstrations to all company groups and will visit Columbus June 18 for an onsite demo. Pinnacle is designed to be a one-stop shopping for all sorts of training courses and videos, company reference material, internal committee information and much more. Since the portal started in 2018, over 9,000 resources have been used or accessed, 3,500 pieces of customized American Structurepoint specified content was created and over 1,500 searches made.

Moving forward, the Pinnacle Team will send quarterly email updates detailing what’s new and providing content refreshers to encourage continued usage. Remember, to access the portal, all you have to do is navigate to and log-in using your work email and computer/Windows password.

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