DREAM Alive Scholars Enjoy Career Day Visit

DREAM Alive scholars got a glimpse of career possibilities at American Structurepoint on April 17. Brandon McClung (Road Group), a former DREAM Alive mentor/coach for three years at Harshman Middle School and Arsenal Tech High School, kicked off the event by playing a memory game with the scholars. All the answers were types of careers at American Structurepoint, from the customary engineers and architects to not-so-obvious roles like IT, graphic designer, and land surveying. Ryan Selby (Land Surveying Group) kicked it up a notch for land surveying by demonstrating survey equipment for the scholars. Ken Olson (Road Group) shared our roundabout design expertise. Ken also had the scholars complete a hands-on activity in which they had to draw a roundabout based on information Ken shared. The scholars also received snacks and American Structurepoint sunglasses as parting gifts.

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