Employees Step Up for Middle School Career Fair

Ten American Structurepoint employees shared their expertise and advice as part of the Turning Point Schools Career Fair in Indianapolis on January 26. The event set out to expose middle school students to a range of careers, motivate and inspire student to achieve academic excellence, and allow students to ask questions of professionals. In a general session, every professional had one minute to give a quick description of what he or she does and share one piece of life or school advice for all attending. Students then could meet in small groups with four professionals based on their career interests. Our team represented accounting, contracts, engineering, environmental, and land survey career paths; other participants represented IT, attorney, chemist, nursing, firefighter, professional author, entrepreneur, and flight attendant. Here’s a sampling of feedback from our participants.

Maggy Kantz – I spoke with students about my education and qualifications, what I actually do all day, how it’s possible to find a job you love by accident after you studies for something else, and why written agreements are important. The PMs would be amazed, because I somehow got through all the interviews without ever mentioning the words insurance or indemnity.

Anitra Lewis – We were interviewed by future lawyers, engineers, doctors, and my favorite, a future professional skateboarder. We tried to make numbers and math practical to them. If you cook, you will need to know fractions, and you will also need to know how to balance your checkbook.

Scott Scoville – The students were respective and interested, which made my experience very gratifying. Having a program coordinator with a degree from Yale was very impressive, too. The school is obviously managed with strong core values.

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