Columbus Ugly Sweater Competition

Aspiring model, Tony Lenhart, has been crowned the winner of the Columbus office’s Ugly Sweater Contest. Following the Christmas Pot Luck party, models lined up backstage to present their ugly sweaters. Tony channeled his inner sloth, inspired by the sloths on his sweater, to win the hearts of the audience. When asked about his sweater, Tony explains:

“I found it the night before the competition while making a midnight run to the store for some cooking supplies for the Christmas party potluck. There was a section of “ugly sweaters” in the store so I perused the disheveled heap of clothing until I came across this gem.  It was mixed into a pile of screen printed sweatshirts, and other tacky Christmassy-themed T-shirts. At first, I passed over it without really appreciating the awfulness of it, but I eventually was drawn back to its aura. Not only was this a traditional knit sweater, with the standard Christmas theme colors, it had gold-sparkled thread sewn inthroughout the red rows.  Granted, the sloths are not what you picture as your typical Christmas-themed animal, they did add a certain “Wow” factor that couldn’t be ignored. Plus it didn’t hurt that it was on clearance for 70-percent off the list price either.

“The Christmas sweater completion is essentially 50-percent sweater, and 50-percent swagger while walking down the runway. You really have to play the crowd to get them to appreciate your fashion statement. I had stiff competition from the reigning champion, Greyson McCaig. This guy is like a walking Macy’s Christmas display. I knew it was going to come down to the presentation. This year’s catwalk reminded me a lot of the great showdowns between Hansel and Derek Zoolander.  Fortunately for me this year, I had perfected ‘Blue Steele’ and was able to pull off the victory.”

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