Indy Car – Take a Pic and WIN

Check out the photos taken of our Indy Car during the month of May. Several of you took part, including Rick and his grandchildren! The distinction of the largest group of people posing by our car at one time goes to about 70 DOT representatives from throughout the US who visited Speedway on a tour during the 2017 AASHTO Subcommittee on Right-of-Way, Utilities & Outdoor Advertising Control and NAHBA Conference. (Say that fast three times!)  Melanie Wilson (HR Group) won our photo contest – she had 29 likes of a photo she posted on LinkedIn of she and Liza Trant, Kaitlyn Bilodeau, and Marietta Yeoman-Griffith. Melanie received a $25 gift card to Starbucks and she shared her winnings with her those in the photos.

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