Employees Tackle Wall Sit Challenge

In the words of Olivia Newton-John, Let’s Get Physical! Our Indianapolis office did just that with the wall sit challenge on Tuesday, May 16. Dozens of participants journeyed to the elevator hall where the air was thick with competition from those vying to be crowned the Wall Sitting Champion. With a time of over four and a half minutes of “sitting,” Queennette Everett-Buchanan was crowned the winner. Following the challenge, participants feasted on a delicious lunch catered by City Barbeque. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event possible. All participants received a 50-mile bonus toward the Tour de Structurepoint challenge. The Top 10 places and times (in seconds) are below.

Queen Everett Buchanan 277
Chad James 264
Brandon Bart 255
Mike McBride 241
Maggy Kantz 171
Sam Ponder 160
Emily Aiken 154
Jess Pounds 153
Ammanuiel Kebede 150
Melanie Wilson 146

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