Eagledale Senior Apartments Grand Opening

Flackville School No. 100 was a small grade school in Marion County, Indiana. Unfortunately, after the school was closed, the building couldn’t find a good use. Community members called the building an eyesore with its broken windows and crumbling façade. However one thing was certain, everyone wanted the structure to be repurposed.

Commenters on historicindianapolis.com recount their times in class at the Flackville School. They claim their bus routes were named after common animals, including duck, cat, horse, etc. Sitting catty-corner, there was a church with a cemetery that disappeared in the 1950s. Many grew up in this school and hate to see it run-down, yet are excited for its new use.

In order to keep this historic structure, a total renovation would need to occur. The restored structures were from 1912, 1928, and 1950. The inside was gutted, with the exterior improved, yet remaining. American Structurepoint provided architecture and interior design, structural, and civil engineering services for the project.

The new Eagledale Senior Apartments now features 65 affordable apartment units, with approximately 26 units placed in the addition and 39 units located in the existing and newly renovated portion of the building. The photos above show the dramatic before and after transformation. The building features a game room, bike hub, exercise room, craft room, and more. Seniors who once grew up in the Flackville School can relive their past in the new and updated Eagledale Senior Apartments.

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