Employees Play in Tourney Held for Jasper Lenglade

A team of American Structurepoint employees participated in a weekend basketball tournament that raised more than $12,000 for Jen and Jon Lenglade (Construction Solutions Group) to help pay medical expenses incurred because of son Jasper’s battle against leukemia. A Center Grove High School student set up the Jasper Strong 3v3 Basketball Tournament, which attracted over 50 student and adult teams, as part of an English class assignment to create a project that reflects a student’s passion. Junior Olivia Wright, whose little brother is a good friend to Jasper, organized the tournament, recruited friends who helped find sponsors, and soon the tournament grew. American Structurepoint fielded a four-person team for the tourney that took place April 14 and 15. Eric Everett, Nicole Klass, Tim Conarroe, and Jon played in the adult division while Jasper served as coach. The Lenglade family once again stands grateful for all the community support shown to them.

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