Construction Solutions Completes Scanning Milestone

A ton of thanks—or more like 9 tons of thanks—goes out to a team of employees including members from the Construction Solutions, Facility, Administration, and IT groups who worked together to recently complete scanning thousands of drawings sheets dating back to the company’s beginnings that were stored in the garage facility at our Indianapolis headquarters. Over the last two winter seasons, a total of nearly 105,000 drawing sheets were scanned to create electronic files. These drawings had been stored in 170 file drawers, 150 flat-file drawers, and 220 boxes in our garage. The weight of the shredded material equaled nearly 19,000 lbs., which translates into 8.48 tons of paper no longer in our garage. The space in which the documents were stored will be converted into a new forensics lab for our Investigative Group, while also creating additional storage space for our Survey Group. And here is some trivia – the oldest drawing file scanned had a date of 8-31-1965 for a lake in Boone County located north of SR 32 and east of US 421 now known as Wurster Lake. Our photos give us a before and after view of the garage area.

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