Ricardo Zamarripa Shares Tips for Career Success at Lunch and Learn

A nearly standing-room-only crowd packed into Grandview Center and East to hear Vice President Ricardo Zamarripa, PE share tips for career success. The Advancing Women group sponsored the lunch and learn  for all employees. Ricardo’s presentation covered lots of ground, including an interactive portion sharing myths about working women, a goal-setting exercise to get people thinking of how to advance in their careers, and an update about the growing Texas office. One of the myths that resonated with attendees was that negative perceptions still exist of assertive/take-charge behavior in women while the same behavior in men is rewarded.

For those who are listicle fans (an article in the form of a list), hear are some key takeaways from Ricardo’s talk.

  1. Take initiative. Always strive to exceed goals and put in more than you take from your job.
  2. Constantly take more work off your supervisor’s plate.
  3. Constantly push your comfort level.
  4. Pull work – finish things early and ask for more work.
  5. Put in extra time, or do the most with the time you have at work.
  6. Do the job you want, no matter what your title is. If you’re already doing the job, it makes it easier for your supervisor to promote you.
  7. Be involved in your community and industry. It’s the best networking you can do.
  8. Practice actively listening when speaking to clients and the public. You stand a good chance of picking up intel you might not otherwise get.
  9. Be confident and dress the part you want to achieve.
  10. Ask to shadow your supervisor for certain activities  and tasks you want to learn more about.

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