Major Win: City of Indianapolis Stormwater Program Management

In the final months of 2016, American Structurepoint received great news – our proposal for leading the management of the Stormwater Program for the City of Indianapolis was selected.

Our own Joe Grinstead, director of operations for the Utility Infrastructure Group, is leading the project’s Capital Program. With a team of seven other consultants, we will provide stormwater planning, design, and construction management services according to the Department of Public Works (DPW) standards while bringing broad industry experience that we will share with current DPW staff.

We will work with DPW in investigating existing and newly determined drainage problem areas. An initial priority rating (IPR) will be completed for problem areas as needed. Technical investigations and planning for problem resolution will be conducted to determine the magnitude of the need and whether a capital improvement project is required.

This project marks a major win for American Structurepoint, allowing us to re-engage with the City of Indianapolis through assisting with the management of a major reinvestment program, much like we did with Rebuild Indy.

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