Bonus Miles Opportunities for Tour de American Structurepoint

The Tour de American Structurepoint is officially underway! To help you reach the goal of walking 2,856 miles by December 31, we’ll be offering several bonus miles opportunities:

  • Turn in a signed Doctor Form (primary care, preventative screenings, eye, dental, etc.) to Each form you turn in = 50 bonus miles. The forms can be found under the Intranet > Healthpoint > Current Campaigns > Doctor Forms. A limit of 3 forms can be turned in.
  • Meet with our Health Coach Shelby 3 times = 50 bonus miles. Email Shelby or visit her during her office hours to set up a meeting. Hours are posted in the Intranet > Healthpoint > Health Coach.
  • Double Mile Holiday Weekends = double your mileage for Memorial Day (5/27 – 5/29) and Labor Day (9/2 through 9/4) weekends!

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of these opportunities for the chance to win one of the fabulous prizes! Need a reminder? For those that complete or surpass the challenge, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a $500 vacation voucher! When you walk 1,500 miles, you’ll be entered to win a $100 prize. There will be 5 lucky winners in the $100 prize drawing.

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