Employees Respond to Bone Marrow Registry, Blood Drive

A big thank you to all who participated in the blood drive/bone marrow registry event held December 14 in Indianapolis. Our first-ever bone marrow registry effort took place in honor of Jasper Lenglade, the 9-year-old son of John Lenglade who is recovering from leukemia. We needed people to join the bone marrow registry to help blood-cancer patients who don’t have a donor match within their own families. We had awesome results for our first time – 9 employees attempted to join the registry and 6 were able to complete the registry. Reasons for not being able to join the registry include height and weight guidelines, chronic conditions that may affect blood clotting or bleeding, and a host of other health issues that make it dangerous to join. We saw even better blood donation results – 20 people registered and the Indiana Blood Center collected 19 units of blood. Great job, everyone.

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