East End Crossing/New Bridge Opens to Great Fanfare

How many ribbon-cutting ceremonies start with a mayor cracking open a “tall boy” can of Budweiser and end with a police-escorted caravan of 500 vehicles making the first official trek over a new $763 million bridge? As far as we know, only one – the December 18 opening of the Lewis and Clark Bridge/East End Crossing project. American Structurepoint designed Section 6 of the Indiana approach  that connects an area just east of Jeffersonville, Indiana, to the eastern edge of suburban Louisville that completed a loop around the east end of the Louisville metropolitan area. The project’s centerpiece is a stunning 2,500-foot cable-stay bridge spanning the Ohio River. We designed 4 miles of new SR 265 as a 4-lane divided highway from SR 62 to the new bridge. This includes a complex interchange at SR 62/Port Road and a diamond interchange at Salem Road and 15 bridges. For the record, Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore took the swig of Budweiser and the 500-car caravan was made up of Indiana and Kentucky residents who signed up online for the honor in less than 3 minutes. We would like to thank you for all those who were involved with the project over the past several years to make it a success.

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