American Structurepoint Flashback – Move In at 7260

My how fast 15 years go by. This month’s flashback remembers our momentous 6.6-mile move from 4165 Millersville Road to 7260 Shadeland Station in September 2011.  The move required lots of logistical planning, awesome teamwork, and hours of packing and unpacking by ACE employees. The everyday work stopped at noon on Friday, Sept. 7, and teams of employees sprang into action to make the move happen. Many employees worked nearly around the clock that weekend getting files, speed packs, furniture, computers, chairs, desks, etc., packed up and ready for movers to put onto trucks and then unpacking boxes, computers, phones, etc., upon their arrival at the brand new headquarters. During the weekend, monsoon-like rains poured from the sky, promoting “Operation Canopy,” which meant employees put up a makeshift tarp and plastic canopies to help keep dry the items being taken from the moving truck to the front door. Quotes published in the company newsletter (then called “The Consultant”) talked about how well people came together to tackle the move and how well the move went. Most people and groups were in place ready for business as usual on Monday, Sept. 10, the first full day of operations in the new digs. “It was amazing to basically shut down a company at noon, move it in two days, and have it functional first thing Monday morning with nothing more than minor problems,” Mike Steffy said in a newsletter article. Indeed. But that’s just how American Structurepoint people roll! Make sure you check out the vintage pics from the move.

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