Transplant Recipient Thanks Us

I would like to thank the committee and the employees of Structurepoint for your kind and considerate gesture of compassion for my family and me. I had no knowledge of the potential life-threatening situation that I find myself in at this time. I ask for your prayers as I undergo the major surgeries and transplants that will allow me to function as normal as possible for my children. My family depends on me to function on their behalf (an 8-year-old daughter) and to perform as close to normal as possible the duties of a mom. Hopefully, with God’s blessings, I will be able to perform at that level. I feel confident that I will recover from transplant surgery, with the Lord’s blessing, fully capable of caring for my family, and that I will have the tools and capabilities to do the job well, I pray! Thanking you again for your generous act of compassion on my behalf, Adrienne Alexander.

P.S. I will keep you updated on my condition and progress.

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