American Structurepoint Makes Headlines

American Structurepoint’s projects and people appeared in the media and on the web more than six times during May 2016.  Our work to review current and proposed daily increase in Louisville & Indiana Railroad traffic through Columbus, Indiana, received three separate mentions in The Columbus Republic. The La Porte Herald Argus covered approval of architectural services to renovate a portion of the La Porte County (Indiana) Adult Probation Department.  The Indianapolis Star covered several American Structurepoint projects in Hamilton County. The state’s largest media entity noted our involvement in plans to design and build roundabout intersections along SR 37 from 126th Street to 146th Street in Fishers. It also published a roundup of various Hamilton County endeavors that mentioned three American Structurepoint projects, including the Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center expansion, the SR 37 roundabout corridor, and the 96th Street and Keystone Parkway roundabout. Lastly, the Indianapolis Star published an article about the three-year timeline for roadwork in Carmel that we are doing program managing. An editorial in The Michigan City Dispatch praised construction of a new police department as an ideal government project, resulting in “an absolute home run for Michigan City.”

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