Community Service – Your Contributions in Action

The Community Service Board makes most of its contributions based on employee recommendations. If you have a suggestion for a local agency focusing on families, veterans, the elderly, education, or providing shelter/disaster services, be sure to bring it to the board’s attention. You can email your suggestion to Recent gifts from the Community Service project include:

Water for Flint, Michigan ($500)

Part 1 – We contributed bottled water as part of a delivery being made by Heather Willhelmus, a friend of Dustin Graves’ family.

Part 2 – Heather had enough contributions from others to make three trips and didn’t have room for all the water we budgeted for, so we sent a contribution to Catholic Charities of Genesee County, Michigan, which is coordinating a longer-term response to the water needs of residents.

Edwards Family ($1,000)

An employee asked that we help a family of three struggling with large medical bills and inability to work due to the medical issues. We contacted the hospital directly and paid part of the bill.

Thirst Project ($6,000)

The Community Service project pledged $6,000, matched by a corporate donation from American Structurepoint, to build another well in 2016 for a community in Africa.

Child Advocates of Vanderburgh County ($500)

An employee from our Evansville office asked for help for Child Advocates of Vanderburgh County, which trains volunteers to be court-appointed special advocates for abused and neglected children, serving as a “voice” for those children and ensuring they don’t fall through the cracks of the legal and social services system.

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