Catering Changes

Our internal catering process has been revised to only handle requests for client meetings and executive requested meetings. When scheduling either of these types of meetings, please do the following:

  1. Include Catering as a resource for the meeting (not a required or optional attendee).  This process adds the meeting to the Catering calendar and helps keep track of what is needed and when.
  2. Complete the “Catering Request Form” and submit it to
    1. Note:  There are changes to the Catering form. The only dropdowns are time, meeting location, and lunch approver. You will need to indicate who the client is on the form.

As always, give Catering as much time as possible. At least two days are required to get your order processed.  Keep in mind that some vendors require a minimum number of people or dollar amount, and can also require an order be placed 24 to 48 hours prior to delivery.  The revised Catering Request Form and menus are located in T:\Accounting Dept\Community\Catering. It can also be found on the Intranet under the Accounting tab. It would be a good idea to save a link to the folder on your desktop to ensure you are using the most recent form.

For Other Internal Catering needs

All other catering needs should be handled within your team. 

  • Schedule your meeting; be sure to include “Attendant” as a resource invitee, and also reserve the meeting space.
  • Place a prepaid order with the vendor.
    1. A link of our suggested vendors is located on T:\Accounting Dept\Community\Catering.
    2. Don’t forget a gratuity on your order; 15% is recommended.
  • Send “Attendant” an email with the following details:
    1. Date and time of delivery
    2. Food vendor
    3. Pick-up person & backup pick-up person (who the Front Desk will call when the order arrives)
    4. Cleanup person

Lunch and Learn Catering Needs

  • When the presenters are providing lunch, it is preferred they order the lunch and have it delivered to the office. If the lunch is going to be delivered to the office, you should inform the front desk of this information so they are aware of the delivery.
  • It is also acceptable for the presenters to bring lunch in themselves; in that case, there is no need to inform the front desk.
  • Feel free to pass on recommended vendor names, as these restaurants will be familiar with our company.

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