American Structurepoint Steps Up For Phase 2 of Community Service Project


Long ago, a wise philosopher, and most likely your mother or father, once said, “Finish what you started.” With that in mind, American Structurepoint and several other companies pitched in to complete Phase 2 of a community service endeavor at the Edna Martin Christian Center in Indianapolis.

On October 1, Allstate Insurance Company hosted an event to build a playground, complete with landscaping, for children ages 5 through 12. Local adjusters, agents, contractors, and other companies that do business with Allstate came together to make a difference in the community in which they live and work. This was Phase 2 of a project begun in 2014, when the same group of volunteers built a playground at the center for the younger crowd—children ages 2 through 5. They also built a walkway of bricks, and some of the bricks feature the names of participating companies, including American Structurepoint.

Darwin Acord, Doug Brown, and Carol Keiter provided the muscle power at the work site, from staging and assembling playground equipment to removing weeds and trees, installing fencing, or staining wood. American Structurepoint also donated $1,000 from the Give Back program to help fund the project.

Last year, Bryan Moll, Shaun Cofer, and the Civil Group provided the survey information for the playground area. The Give Back program donated $500 toward the project in 2014, while Darwin, Doug, Tom Leahy, Abby Massey, and Greg Susemichel volunteered at the site. In 2013, American Structurepoint worked with Allstate to refurbish a home for an Indianapolis resident as a community service project.

The playground not only serves the center, but also the entire Martindale-Brightwood community. In the past three years, about ten Habitat for Humanity homes have been built within a quarter mile of the playground over the past three years, so more neighborhood children than ever need a safe place to play.

Many thanks to all who contributed time, talent, and funding to the playground that will serve generations of children.

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